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Finally, its the year of the linux desktop guys!

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while :;do echo $LINES $COLUMNS $(( $RANDOM % $COLUMNS)) $(printf "\U$(($RANDOM % 500))");sleep 0.05;done|gawk '{a[$3]=0;for (x in a){o=a[x];a[x]=a[x]+1;printf "\033[%s;%sH\033[2;32m%s",o,x,$4;printf "\033[%s;%sH\033[1;37m%s\033[0;0H",a[x],x,$4;if (a[x] >= $1){a[x]=0;} }}'

Anyone know what this live notification from the koyu.space app is about, what it does and if i should turn it off?

What's the best way to use mastodon from androind? Do yall recommend the web UI or some app?


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