Our cats getting the zoomies is fucking terrifying

I wish we had friends on mastodon ugh everyone is either on fb or twitter and i hate both of those

Niffelheim is an excellent game, oh yeah. Crafting and mythology? Excellent mix.

Not that anyone asked, but I highly recommend ProtonVPN. It really seems to care about privacy and also has both free and for-pay plans which i think makes it less suspicious than purely free plans.
There is also RiseUpVPN which i use for mobile, powered by donations.

Using a vpn has made trying to access certain sites hell because recaptcha is painfully slow and difficult. VPN is good, therefore those sites suck.

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ReCaptcha is silly, inaccessible and not indicative of automation.

Hello Mastodon. This is now my only social media. Is it worth it? Will this plug a hole in my life?
Probably not, but hopefully I'll not hate it either


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