C#: defines function inside another function
Me: please, no.

Finally received my new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in Olive Green. I really love it, and it looks really good, it's a shame I'll have to cover it with a cover, sigh

Started watching "Manifest" on Netflix, and i'm just 2 episodes in, and i really love the idea of there being some strange, supernatural force, whose main objective seem to be solving crime.

I've finally had an opportunity to finish Herculion's Full Service.
The artworks and CGs, but it doesn't really have a lot of.. stuff to do, other than the love interest.

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Well poppet, prepare to be pleasantly surprised, we already have that technology: www.myfridgefood.com


App idea: a recipe website where you can put what you have in your pantry and it shows recipes that onclude those ingredients

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Thank you @koyuchan @Einhjeriar @kettlevoid and everyone who was in the Mumble meetup tonight, it was awesome!

I'd replace the POCO with the Oneplus 8T - Cyberpunk 2077 edition, but being a limited edition it's sadly not available anymore.

But i still would die to have one, dammit!

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I believe, and always believe, that the Samsung S10e and the POCO M3 are respectively the best small and best big camera bump in existence.

I'd really like to buy an UWB Tracker, but i don't want to change phone.
Someone should make a USB dongle for smartphones, or maybe one of those cover with stuff in them.
I wonder if the new Android UWB Api supports using UWB from USB, becasue i'm pretty sure there are some dev dongles.

Oh, expert of the fediverse: Do any of you know of any other board similar to the Orange Pi Zero, maybe more recent? I need something small and low-power so i can use it as a CUPS server, and i can't resuscitate my own.
(And i'm adding reccent only for being more easier to buy).
I'd like something less than 20 euros, otherwise i'm just gonna keep using a full RPI3B+ like now (which is quite a waste, i'd say)

Me starting a skyrim playthrough: I want to be a good person, i want to help people
Me after 5 minutes: Yes Molag Bal, everything you want

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i should probably have another pondering session, the last one was pretty productive

Ok, so this happened:
Reading about a package > Finding the developer website > finding out that Pixiv also makes VRoid Studio > It's been all day that i try it

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So, the plug i've bought and don't need is now used in the garden for christmas lights.
The problem? The zigbee coordinator is too far away (on like, the opposite side), and the CC2531 repeater is not strong enough to reach a whole floor down.
I thing i'll do it and go to ikea and buy a couple of their repeaters, one on my floor and another on the lower one, that should work.
I hope.

Oh my, oh god! I'm so excited! We got a good offer for a nice vacuum robot!
I always wanted one! I'm so happy! It even integrate with home-assistant!

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