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well this is different


welp i'm gonna miss the old koyu.space but if it's what it has to be then cool. i guess it's finally time i move to misskey because i don't have anything to lose now

i'll still keep this account though! time to enter a new stage on my fediverse journey

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thank you dad for rushing me over things i cannot control, definitely makes me feel happy and it's a really good way of going to sleep

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i hope i can get someone to use it and spread it around once it's complete, because i think it will really deserve it

what do you all thing? you can listen to the piano cover and the original clubstep on youtube or a front-end to compare it with this.

i made this throughout the day (or yesterday, it's already past 12 here and i gotta sleep)

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i started making this because

1. i needed practice on percussion and instruments, and
2. i don't like hearing the piano cover instead of the original song on geometry dash, because i feel like it takes away the feel of the song, so it feels anticlimatic but there's no helping it because of copyright so i set myself a goal and started this cover! i try to keep the feel of the original songs. i don't wanna brag, but i'm already liking this much better than that piano cover they all use. very cool

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but i figured i needed to finally do custom percussion and more advanced instruments so i started a bit of a side project. introducing:

DJ-Nate - Clubstep (Chiptune cover by Jak)

i still have some stuff to do, like the little buildup right after the end of the attached file, and adding a bit of echo to some parts and make the drop feel a bit more like the original

i started making this because of reasons i explain in a reply to this

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if you've been following me @Jaqueek, you'll know i accidentally deleted all my data on my secondary disk. so i lost everything on it. nothing was too important, i could get it all back because they were all games or programs, but what i did lose was my reanimate cover file and all the others i had stored.

luckily, my fl studio projects were getting backed up on my main disk, where the os is, and i was able to recover a bit of them, including the latest version of reanimate! so i still have it!

"i could have used my post to use fedi"

phone, jux, it's called a phone

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and i'm back. sorry, i caught a cold. i'm still kinda sick but i'm feeling a lot better

i could have used my post to use fedi but i was so focused on beating deadlocked on lmao

talking about geometry dash, 2.211 LITE IS OUT ON ANDROID DEVICES

a cracked version is already out. can't wait till the full version gets updated

there's a bit more stuff on android than there is on ios. there's like, 10 new icons and colors (combined), and ad chests to get them

i'm excited for GDPS Editor 2.2, a fan made geometry dash private server and app that uses the previous GD lite update (2.2) and restores the editor. it's connected to a different server than the normal GD lite.

since lite got the update that *should* mean that GDPS Editor 2.2 is getting an update soon, with all of the stuff in the new GD lite update, unlocked!

guys look!


it's a jux




8bitSF by TheEightBit @ musical-artifacts.com


history of pride month (for lgbtqia+ and allies) (tw death, police, violence) 

pride month is a celebration that starts the first day of june and ends the 30th day of the same month. its origins are from a police raid on the stonewall inn, in june 1969. the police were very strict about "gender appropriate clothing", and everyone who was breaking those rules was arrested.

a gay community was not happy with this, and so they started a riot against the police. there were lots of battles and deaths

ever since, we celebrate pride month in june of all years, in honor of those who died for equity.

everyone should be respected, regardless of what we (don't) feel like or who we like. so celebrate pride with us and spread awareness and acceptance!

happy pride! :rainbow_flag:

pride month 


i also lost all my unity projects so that's cool

wait actually



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i just realised i lost my reanimate cover. easy to make though.

and my percussion soundfont is gone too! i'll find it again i'm sure

it may take weeks but it will be worth it!

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ooh june pride omfg 

2 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds exactly left here! :rainbow_flag:

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