actually forget that

dare i say it's not that harder than normal difficulty

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rainbow roadn't

final boss (level), not final boss (final boss) lmao

still 2 levels left

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i lost some progress, i'm 3 levels behind final boss for some reason

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lgbt+ people starter pack (fedi edition: part 3 expansion)

-be good at drawing
-be good at programming (fedi edition exclusive)
-OH MY GOD THEY HAVE THE SAME ART STYLE FOR THEIR PFPS (included in fedi edition part 2)
-somehow they all know each other (new! from fedi edition part 3)

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the feminine urge to lay in bed all morning with a girlfriend/wife and stroke each other's hair and say you love each other over and over

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yall have a good night! ima sleep, it's late here. love y'all, cya tomorrow!

i didn't get tobeat the final boss :( tomorrow will be the day

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teachers need to stop public shaming students. and im not talking about me specifically.

public shaming only stresses students and makes it worse

mom i said i'm going just be patient

just shapes n' beats' "try this" on hardcore is actually really fun to play

just shapes and beats' vindicate me was hard enough on normal. on hardcore it's hell

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