@MairuzuRoxs Another piece of evidence that many Garfield comics can be improved by removing the third panel

metameme shitpost 

Lifecycle of a meme:
Birth: Koyuspace
Life: Reddit
Limbo: 9GAG
Death: PewDiePie
Oh God please stop: Instagram

@murabito @chumii @kurisu @Jessica
Gender is a scam by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms.

Imo, while i dont Support piracy, in Video games the Main cause is the fact many People want to try the game out before blowing 60 bucks on a game they May Not like. And since game Demos have died out despite being easier than ever to distribute in the times of Steam and such, one practically has to resort to it if they dont know anyone who has it themselves.

@koyu heard of openbook? Its basically Facebook but open source and financed through optional subscriptions instead of ads, at least thats the plan.

Also excited for May 17th. Minecraft turns 10 that day. Man, time flies.

Just had the pleasure of being among the first 10 thousand people to hear a Sabaton song for the first time. To say it was epic would be an understatement.

Excited for:
May 9th: LiS 2 Ep 3
July 4th: Stranger Things Season 3
July 19th: Sabaton drops their new Album (also its my cake day)

@koyu towards whom would they be racist, except british people maybe?

Warum muss Sabaton eigentlich so gute Musik machen? Ich hab jetzt schon seit Tagen Night Witches im Kopf.


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