@Aarkon Wie bekam Hitler den Bewegungsplan der Roten Armee? Er Stalingrad.

@ilovecomputers Well, you know how they say. If youre brave enough...

@koyu This would be story of my life if i ever got anything even remotely resembling a date. Well, guess its time to change teams. Or something.

@vogelchr Considering the IT in my boarding school id honestly not be surprised if those credentials worked.

I suggest everyone here go and join the shitstorm against Nickelodeon over on Twitter. They announced today that they partnered with Autism $peaks, which, in case you didnt know, is to Autism as PETA is to animals, except worse.

@koyu thats an idea thats so stupid it cant work. I love it.

@zardoz@cybre.space @fribbledom never said there was. Just pointed out the US has legally not been at war since 1945

@koyu Listen okay, i gender, you gender, he she me gender... genderology, the study of gender, thats first grade!

@fribbledom Not quite. While the US has been involved in conflicts all these times, the US had only officially been at war with anyone during the War of Independence, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the American-Spanish War, and the two World Wars, in that order.

School: 1+1=2
Homework: 2+2=4
Exam: Tommy has 5 apples. Anna has 17 pears. How many pancakes fit onto the roof?
Answer: Purple. Because aliens dont wear hats.

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