My name is Anna, I'm a 19-year-old girl.

I came here to seek peace and serenity.

I draw pixel art as a hobby.
I also write stories and draw traditional art, on rare occasion.

I 'm very shy, but I love meeting new faces and bonding with people.

@abhishek Welcome to the fediverse! ❤️ Why don't you do an post to introduce yourself to everyone? 😉

@HeartClock08 Hi everyone. This is my #introductions to you all. Feel free to send me oneliners. If it connects with me, I'll reply. And what is Fediverse by the way? Is it related to Fedora Linux?


@abhishek I think you should have made your introduction post independent instead of replying to mine. X3

But anyways, the Fediverse is basically an ensemble of interconnected servers. Mastodon is part of it. ^^

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