i am literally a private messaging app

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What's your secret to protecting your privacy?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/startpage/status/1

I now accept bitcoin donations. Also it's linked to my profile on Twitter. Will also work for bitcoin.

if elon musk wants to buy twitter why didn't he just set up a mastodon instance?

to anyone who's thinking about buying github copilot:

just be warned that it may have been trained on code i wrote

My website has been launched.
I plan to work on getting it's index by search engines soon.

@hugo wait so mastodon safe to use? Also one of my old friends is a cyber security expert that researchers these sort of thing an also crazy about crypto security.

I have made a post about some Mastodon instances being associated with malware and explaining what I found: github.com/mastodon/mastodon/d

I think it can be interesting for people who are #mastoadmin + would love to have people from #cybersecurity have a look and share any feedback. Thanks.

The harvest and sale of personal data happens on a scale which is beyond our comprehension.

Google transmits the location data and browsing habits of Europeans and Americans across ad platforms 78 billion times a day — nearly 1 million times per second.


I have had so much of my life. I feel like getting a car an never coming back. I am tired of this life.

I mean I donate to them even last time. I never broke the rules but what ever.

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Linux Mint hate me. So does Tinder. Damn that deep Linux Mint. So does PayPal hate me what did I ever do to them?

Getting my ledger nano s wallet an Yubikey. Can't wait to play around with both. But need to stop spending money like crazy.

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