@Gigglyingalloy Did you look if it switched over to HDMI in the audio settings? Sometimes it doesn't do it automatically, which is really annoying, but an easy fix.

@evilroda no I have not done that what the easy fix? To test that?

@Gigglyingalloy Go to the GNOME settings (click settings in the menu in the upper right) and find where it says sound on the left. Then look for a dropdown that lists audio outputs and see if it's set to HDMI.

@Gigglyingalloy I've never had that happen to me. I think I might be out of my depth here. Sorry I couldn't be more help. :(

@Gigglyingalloy could you try to install firmware-sof-signed(reboot afterwards) +
Option 1: use the latest kernel 5.18.5
Option 2: check if it works with these commands github.com/yangxiaohua2009/cus

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