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Be abusive to me. The more abusive you are the more excited I am.


hey everybody, apologies for any trouble i have caused all of you today. i recently replied to a hellthread with thousands of people on it, and accidentally forgot to untag everybody. if your instance blocks (where the thread originated from) it looks like the hellthread originated from me because of how the fediverse works. apologies, i did not mean to cause harm to anybody, and i have not been able to mitigate the damage that quickly because my server has been unable to keep up with all of the activitypub requests, resulting in a crashing loop for the time being. i once again apologise for this accident and hope you can forgive me. i will be logging off now for the sake of my own mental health as i was not expecting to deal with this today.

best, cel

Somebody gave our Android app a 1-star review on the Play Store because "there is LGBT" [sic]

'I was chased by a fucking starkiller this whole morning, what's your story for being late?" She asked.
'Well, I was chasing a star pirate...' The silent woman replied in a pale tone.
'So, you are the motherfucker who wasted 7 hours of my life?' She put out her blaster, 'You'd better give me a reason before get fucking exterminated.'

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Can I change the 'select language' permanently to something? Like, at least not English.

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