Ketika iman sudah mantap dihati, kenikmatan maksiat menjadi tak berarti

Mr robot season 4 episode 7 just broke my heart and soul... Poor Elliott💔



Spesial buat Sobat Shopee mimin mau GIVEAWAY iPhone 12! Caranya:

2. RT & LIKE tweet ini
3. REPLY 'alasan kamu mau dapetin iPhone 12 pakai ' (CUKUP 3 KALI)


"Keeps your eyes focused on the problem, not the distraction"

What a great sensei 🙌

sistem online niatnya buat mempermudah kok jadi malah dipersulit

Netflix one piece live action klo diliat dari aktornya dah pada cocok sih moga aja hasilnya gk se cringe Netflix deathnote

Cobaan tak cuma duka derita. Ia bisa juga berupa senang dan bahagia.

A master calligrapher can write with a broken twig.

You season 3 gk seseru season 1 sama 2, palagi endingnya yg terkesan dipaksakan

I don't understand what's written there but I agree with them

trying to make my sickness as a warning to always be grateful and not waste my healthy time.

I believe in the word "you're what you eat", because food has a full impact on the health of our bodies, emotions, ways of thinking etc

trying to regain control of my messy life

Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world

-Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

just finished watching the live action of my favorite manga tokyo revengers.ngl i think the actors are very suitable to play each character, especially hina several times made me speechless because of her cuteness...

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