I had a big fight with one of my best friends about two months ago. She'd started treating me like a servant, basically only talking to me if she needed something, and ignoring me the rest of the time.

So I told her that if she's not interested in actually being my friend, she should find someone else to do stuff for her.

In response, she screamed at me through a river of tears for fifteen minutes, then told me she never wanted to talk to me again. Zero since then.

Two days ago, she moved out of the apartment building, and I'll probably never see or hear from her again. It bummed me the fuck out, that that's how things ended: abruptly and explosively.

But I can't really figure out *why* it bums me out so much, since all I lost were the chores. I'd already lost my friend months prior.

@GayBeetroot101 It just sucks to lose friends, at any stage in life.

I think, for me, it also sucks to know that I could've just said nothing, let myself get walked over, and maintained some crummy semblance of a friendship. But I think I'll be better off in the long run having stood up for myself.

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