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Good evening/day fellow buns,

everybunny who likes to bun the command line can declare her/him/theirself a colibu which stands for COmmand Line Interface BUnny :bunhdhappy:

Join the colibu cvlt today/-night, bunny please :bunhdlurkaww: !!

Bun ya on the chronostream :bun: !

PS: Of course this isn't a forced or dictated term :blobcatafraid: Do as you please, please :bunhdheart:

Everybunny, the hamstars are calling from space :blobcatcomfnight: !
Incoming transmission...

Dead Astronauts - Favorite Lover (Dead Astronauts Theme)

Have bun :bunhdlurk: !!

By the buns it's time to bun the bed :bunhdlurk: ?! I wish everybunny a nice day and/or night :bunhdcomfy: Bun ya on the chronostream :bunsleep: !!

Tuturu~ :tuturu:
Bunic of the day :bunpeek_rev: :
If you aren't receiving your daily dose of bun you will likely become nub, which stands for "NoxiouslyUnderBuned" :bunooo: This needs immediately a treatment with buns, buns and... more buns :bun: :bun: :bun: !!
Have a great bun today everybunny :bunkawaii: !

After beeing just a few hours away from Fedi, it felt like a century of missed information full of bun and profit :bunooo: Today I scrolled more backward than forward in my home time line to catch up with all the awesome stuff :bun_rev: And beeing punished by my mobile internet provider with wonderful 64 kBit per Second makes this journey not better, though :buncry: Bunnyway I still like it a lot here :bunkawaii: I wish you all a nice evening :bunnini: ! Nini :bunsleep: !!

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