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Tuturu~ :tuturu:
Bunic of the day :bunpeek_rev: :
If you aren't receiving your daily dose of bun you will likely become nub, which stands for "NoxiouslyUnderBuned" :bunooo: This needs immediately a treatment with buns, buns and... more buns :bun: :bun: :bun: !!
Have a great bun today everybunny :bunkawaii: !

After beeing just a few hours away from Fedi, it felt like a century of missed information full of bun and profit :bunooo: Today I scrolled more backward than forward in my home time line to catch up with all the awesome stuff :bun_rev: And beeing punished by my mobile internet provider with wonderful 64 kBit per Second makes this journey not better, though :buncry: Bunnyway I still like it a lot here :bunkawaii: I wish you all a nice evening :bunnini: ! Nini :bunsleep: !!

Tuturu~ everybunny :bunkawaii_a: !
Take bun and have a great start in your new week :bunpeek:
Bun ya later on the chronostream :bunowo: !!

Good night everybunny :bunnini: !
It was a pleasure to bun with you all here today :bunowo: Read ya all later on the chronostream :bunkawaii:
PS: In regards to timezones also a great day for all the other buns of course :bun:

What happens to a hamster when you are sending this cuddly fellow into space :blobcatpeek2: ?
She/he becomes a hamstar :blobcatgiggle:

What is best in life?
To bun your people :bun: ,
see them blobmousing before you :pleaseinsertblobmousehere: ,
and to hear the meows of their blobcats :blobcat: !

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