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I'm alive.. I-I-I mean awake :bunkawaii: !
Up the buns everybunny :bunowo:
I wish you a great start in your new week!
Take bun :bun:

Ahh, yes! The moment when loneliness hits you so hard again.. my heart clasped by an frosty fog..

Sarke - Vorunah

So many people think you should just be friends with yourself to feel happy, but this is bloody difficult to achive for me..

I beg you pardon for my swear words!

Is an OPInion just an Over-Powered-Inacceptable onion :blobcatglaredrink: ? In some cases that would makes sense because some opinions make people cry, right :blobcat_sip: ? So we just need to find the evil opinion farms and make things better :blobcat: We need more bunions then :bun: :bun: :bun: !!

Good morning everybunny :bunkawaii: !
Imagine Anno 1602 or 1503 but with :bun: instead of humans.. we could call it "Bunno 1602 - Buning of a new world" or "Bunno 1503 - The new bun" and it would be the purrrfect symbiosis of nostalgia and cuteness :bunowo:
Or I am just too bunned and insane :bunthink: .. naaah :bunkawaii_a: *continues to bun*
Everybunny have great day or night :bunpeek:

If you have more than two buns, do you have a BUNdle then :bunthink: ?
And does this mean everytime you got a BUNdle of something and there wasn't at least one bun within it, it's a crime against bunity for sure :bunangery: ?!
I'm sorry for my eventual bad b/puns in advance :bunpeek: .

Hello everybody,
*GTA 2 Voice activated*
and remember Heihachi is everything!
*GTA 2 Voice deactivated*
I wish you a pleasent day and/or evening!
Never forget @Nekojiru :blobcat:

Good evening everybody,
( Hopefully I'm doing this correctly. :blobcatafraid: )
I am Fyrfaras from Germany and because I'm new here, I just want to leave a little "Hello!" and thank "" for the possibility to join Mastodon. :blobcat:
I never used such a network before and I'm eager to discover/use it! :RedMaddyRun:
Read ya on the Chronostream! :blobcatbox:

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