@ocean I watched it yesterday and I'm happy I did :bunhdhappy: it was a really bun movie even though it was indeed a tad trippy :bunhdlurkaww: the theme song is also bunnieful :blobcatlisten: thanx again, it bunny uped my day and I wish ya a bunny weekend :abunhdhappyhop:

@ocean thank you bunny much for inspiring my movie choice for tonight :bunhduwu: !

@novari @koyu iirc it was a self hosted and independent one :bunthink:

Tuturu~ @solene :tuturu: !!

Thank you very very much :abunhdhappy: !

I will take a look into those two threads.

Have a nice comfy weekend :abunhdhappyhop: !!

Dear fediverse :bunhdlurk:​ ,

Recently I became interested in OpenBSD and I am considering to buy "Absolute OpenBSD - Second Edition" by Michael W. Lucas :blobcatread:

Is it still recommended to read/buy even though the book is from 2013 and based on OpenBSD 5.3 :blobcat: ?

Kind bunny regards

Fyrfaras :abunhdhappy:

@oatmealine @wistahe Aaand in case you missed the mumbly mumble announcement :bunhdlurk: :

" Hi koyu.space folks, we got a Mumble server at mumble.koyu.space so if you want to have a chat we're all ears :bun: "

Bun ya later :bunkawaii_a: !!

Tuturu~ :tuturu: :3

Bunny apologies @oatmealine !
Since I use Subway Tooter on my phone I see our instance announcements by default directly.
I will bun the message for you here :bun: :

" We are making an Arch install party on our Mumble server at mumble.koyu.space on 22.02.2020 at 19:00 UTC. Everyone on koyu.space is welcomed to join. Mumble doesn't require any registration and is completely FLOSS software :arch: "

@wistahe thanks for your bunny help :abunhdhappy: !!

Tuturu~ :tuturu: everybunny on koyu.space :3 !!

For those buns who are attending to the Arch install party: Please download and prepare your iso images before the event starts.. else it would be an Arch download party :bunhdgoogly:

Have a nice bunny day/night :abunhdhappy: and be isolated :bunhdsmug: !!

Bun ya all around the koyustream :abunhdhop: !!

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