Tuturu~ :tuturu: :3
Good morning/evening everybunny :bunhdhappy: !
Take bun and have a great day/night :bun: !
Bun ya on the chronostream :bun_flip: !

:blobcat_flamethrower: take 

Everybunny on the chronostream :bunhdlurk: !
I'm presenting you koyu.cade version 1 :bun:
Your cute desk companion to keep you up and bunning on fedi :bunkawaii: Thank you very much to @koyu for this great idea and sorry for the wobbly video :blobcatafraid: The next version should include the use of the joystick to navigate and the arcade buttons.. maybe for a bun button for example :bunhdsmug: PS: I've re-used the Picade distributed by Pimoroni for my little project.. so thank you them, too!

Good evening/day fellow buns,

everybunny who likes to bun the command line can declare her/him/theirself a colibu which stands for COmmand Line Interface BUnny :bunhdhappy:

Join the colibu cvlt today/-night, bunny please :bunhdlurkaww: !!

Bun ya on the chronostream :bun: !

PS: Of course this isn't a forced or dictated term :blobcatafraid: Do as you please, please :bunhdheart:

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