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Global warming, driven by the burning of fossil fuels, has been heating up and drying out the American West for years. Now the region is broiling under a combination of a drought that is the worst in two decades and a record-breaking heat wave.

“The Southwest is getting hammered by #ClimateChange harder than almost any other part of the country, apart from perhaps coastal cities,” said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan. “And as bad as it might seem today, this is about as good as it’s going to get if we don’t get global warming under control.”


Climate Change Batters the West Before Summer Even Begins

April 10, 27 degree in Montreal, Canada

Finally,I gathered my guts and finally left some toxic people around me, I’ve been cleaning intensively for a few years now, and I finally see the end of it!

sitting my ass on a beach feeling the sun on my skin. is really what I want now

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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fuck websites that make you jump through hoops to delete your account

We create internet services for you and your friends