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On January 21st, PLEASE STAY INSIDE!!! πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘

Biden is set to be sworn in as the new President, and Trump Supporters have already threatened to initiate riots to try and stop it.

Please KEEP YOURSELF SAFE in these scary times.

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@resynth1943 holy shit! So they actually think that by deplatforming these assholes, they're just going to go away?

They've had numerous platforms: 0-9chan, parler, TOR, GAB, etc. You can't drive out darkness by pretending it doesn't exist. And as much as I hate it, these idiots have a right to speak. The only way to beat the dark, is to expose it to light. Sadly, this generation lacks soft skills, and with them, the ability to have an actual human conversation.

There seems to be space on my phone app for a few more... but then again i can appreciate if mastodon is trying to be completely its own thing

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Another thing i would like to see on mastodon is more reactions... the star is very nice and i can totally get behind it as a thumbs up... but some other reaction choices would be nice like a heart and maybe a "lol" and maybe a "wow"... if developers want i would happily design the icons

But on the other side of that coin... i post the music i make a lot on facebook and i have a group or three for that on which i basiclally collect lists of my music downloads and links to my music on various pages... there are some benefits of groups

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I admit many of the atheist groups i am a part of on fb are toxically moderated by a completely one sided political compass

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One thing i would like to see on mastodon is groups... i would like to chat about atheism to other atheists like i do on facebook, however maybe that is an idiot part of me who has gotten ised to his echo chambers... am i still trapped in a slave mentality by the corporations?

Six and a half fucking hours of power out because the south african anc government is a corrupt group of fat fucks who ran our electricity provider into bankrupcy

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Rent and mortgage turn people into indentured servants who spend majority of their income simply to ensure they're not living on the street. Housing should be treated as a human right.

Well i hop everyones lockdowns are not too intolerable

Good night... well morning... 4:14am to be precise here in south africa

Well this is a new place... seems better than facebook and twitter already just by virtue of not being either of those... anyways... I presume each instance of mastadon is an entirely enclosed space with its own users... I am not sure if this is quite the global social network I was looking for, but I am chilled and this was the first option sooooooo... meh


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