Bad UK TV 

It's crazy how people think that trans people are an opinion.

This is my first uni essay and I have to reference, no clue how to do that D:

Time to start writing my essay. Kill me pls, is 2000 words doable in 5 days?

@Fyrfaras huh, I haven't seen any of your posts on my timeline since we last spoke D:

"Gamer" is the best gender neutral way to address someone

@bruja Oh heck! I hope you have fun! Frog chair is the best chair from being so wholesome :D

@bruja Important question: Do you have the frog chair?

Exam went well except fucking up the first 15 minutes but fixed that, I only didnt answer one question but that question was 10 marks aaaa

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Being a trans woman is like building Linux using LLVM instead of GCC.

It's just nature building a woman differently than it usually does.

Just cuz it doesn't have the cis/GNU prefix doesn't mean the rest of it isn't accurate.

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