I picked an episode of the Actual Fluency podcast to listen to at random (it's been one of those podcasts I've stayed subscribed to knowing at SOME POINT I will listen to it - and I was right because it's great) and the interviewee mentioned the Michel Thomas Method for learning a language.

I am going to Berlin for a few weeks in 2 months (huge for me, not at all a frequent traveler) and even though I've been off and on working on Spanish, I was like OK let's see how this method works from what is basically a blank slate.

I have now completed the 16-track "Starter German" course (it's all audio) and I have to say I'm OVERWHELMED with how much of a game-changer this is. Not only am I learning this language, but I am relaxed in doing so, and engaged in the process. It's been lovely so far. HIGHLY recommend.

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