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Watch "Real Women - Beauty Through The Decades The Realistic Way" on YouTube

I wish married couples just picked a new surname together.
- It's something special and new for both partners
- No more hyphens
- A slow phase out of awkwardly bad last names over time
-for basic normal posterity, people could just go [first name] [middle name] [former family last name] [new married last name] and present as M. [New married last name]
- kids would have the chosen family name representing both parents
- descendants could trace their family tree learning the story behind each new chosen surname and that would be really cool and interesting

taxes : government :: rent : landlords

230 am and I learn of the existence of TEQBALL thanks youtube

I've been on antidepressants for years now (ooh a decade! Wow just realized) and I have to say licorice root supplements are pretty good at bringing back my sex drive. Like it was never super high to begin with and it's not like I get any with covid and all but there's something there that really just kind of fills up the void caused by my meds. I take it daily and I feel increasingly more self-possessed and poised. Just thought I'd share.

is the only reason there is no civil war is the u.s. because liberals generally don't subscribe to gun culture and the machismo that comes with it?

just learned that these are in fashion 😂​

fuck they're ugly

Never thought I'd follow trump on twitter but this is just a car wreck

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Biden won the US presidential election. As a socialist, I don't like Biden, but I'll acquiesce that he's better than Donald Trump.

But it was really nice to see all the people around me happy about something for the first time in seven months. We celebrated with socially distanced pizza, beer, and cookies outside, and it was nice.

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My new kittens were napping in my lap and my thighs looks big so it made me dysphoric but then I remembered this post

Idea: Bookend each episode of Grey's Anatomy with the total cost of each patient's care

For my fellow introverts! This was a HUGE sigh of relief as I have a million insecurities about how to start actually speaking spanish.

How I Learn To Speak Foreign Languages Without Talking To People | Polyglot Language Learning Tips - YouTube

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