horrible ex-boyfriend kit for best friend (who is out of state): lipstick, recorder (one party consent state), taser

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Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

My friend tutored a kid in geometry back when she was a "Mormon goody-goody". The kid got frustrated at one point and said "Jesus Christ", which she asked him to refrain from saying in vain. In response, this dude came up with "cheese and rice" 😄

"I'm not a reflection of how you view me"

Memorials should have sentiments messages, from loved ones or a little about them instead of just walls of names

The best way to describe my current state is the moment after you accidentally drop all your books and stuff in high school, but like continuous. Pencils are rolling everywhere.

"Why are you taking advice from people whose shoes you don't want to fill?"

"People will find a way to do what they want to do 100% of the time"

I like the idea of "you're pretty" having the emotional impact (& baggage) of just like "you're tall" or "you're strong"

Thanks to that old infomercial, I am frequently tempted to buy things based on their "set it and forget it" quality.

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I'm trying to find a funny video I saw a while ago about a guy filming himself for one second everyday before getting captured by a Russian agent, but then they play Foosball and fall for each other. There's also a chase scene over frozen land in it later too.

I picked an episode of the Actual Fluency podcast to listen to at random (it's been one of those podcasts I've stayed subscribed to knowing at SOME POINT I will listen to it - and I was right because it's great) and the interviewee mentioned the Michel Thomas Method for learning a language.

I am going to Berlin for a few weeks in 2 months (huge for me, not at all a frequent traveler) and even though I've been off and on working on Spanish, I was like OK let's see how this method works from what is basically a blank slate.

I have now completed the 16-track "Starter German" course (it's all audio) and I have to say I'm OVERWHELMED with how much of a game-changer this is. Not only am I learning this language, but I am relaxed in doing so, and engaged in the process. It's been lovely so far. HIGHLY recommend.

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