I got a friend starting out on Youtube as a Lets Player.
He mainly wants to play games with historical contexts, so if you're interested in that, why don't check it out and maybe help with some constructive critisism?

Can you ask your friend whether he could upload his stuff on Peertube, too? From my point of view we need push alternatives to Youtube.

I agree and I could ask him, but I don't think he will.

Why not? What's holding him back? If it is only time,well, then he could ask someone who take over the mirroring part.
That's the way which i make for Igor and his YT channel Igors Lab.

I haven't asked him yet, but I know he's not the best with computers and this is some new territory for him. Of course, I could mirror it for him, but only if I got permission from him.

If he uses german language, he could use my PT instance btw

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