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OK I'm on here now best intoduse myself. I make a comic call Demon Suit. I make a lot of designs I put on Redbubble, mostly silly things and lightning. I recently started looking at making stuff for sites like Shutterstock. I'm working on my illustration skills hoping to get work in that area at some point. There are waaay too many shows and animes I need to chatch up on.

Played around with some styling. They're tatty but I wanted to try some things. I think the second one has a TV static look going on looking at it now

Making timelapeses of some of the panels from CH6 cause why not

FINNALY! i can start uploading my comic again after a year of slow progress :blobcathappy:​ I'm legit exited for it !

Finshed this and have only now got round to posting it. That clock looks a lot less demon eye now with a colour re-think. I'm going to add this to my illustraion portfolio cause I'm quite happy with this one

of another Demon Suit location, though I think I'm going to need to change the colour of that clock

I'm honestly proud of these redos I did for some of the cover pages of Demon Suit. I think it's a pretty decent improvement to the title as well, not that the bar started that high lol. It took a few years but I finally seem to be geting colours. If I ever redo the early chapters these are the covers I'll be using. This is something I can actualy look at as an artist and go "yeah, I improved"

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"Well hello there"
this is a character showing up in the next chapter of my comic. I felt she deserved her own illustraiton. got a bit of an anime feel to it this one

I'm finaly on track to completing Chapter six of my comic Demon Suit. It's been over a year since my last update and that sucks to think about :insane:

Used the sculpting tools to make a statue for my castle. the hair sucks 'cause that was the point my computer met its limits.

Trying to make a statue, starting with the head. It's not great but its not terrible (I don't wish to be corrected on that)

First time giving this 3D modleing thing on Blender a proper go. I've tried before but didn't get very far, I couldn't get to grips with it. the new update has made it a lot more user friendly I think. I'm tring to make a castle from my comic but I haven't even finished desinging it so Im not making things easy for myself

granted the first picture wasn't finished yet but heres an example of how your art can be affected when your trying to MAKE yourself do art vs being in the mood to do art

still trying out styles for future Demon Suit chapters. I think this looks all right but it's nothing new :blobcatthinking: I need to be more bold and get properly out of my artistic comfort zone really.

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This was part of my illustration portfolio before I changed the style I was doing my illustrations in. I like this one and didn't want to leave it unloved so I put it up on my redbubble. Better than just forgetting about it on my computer

Not sure how I managed to forget to upload this but I made it a while ago for my illustration portfolio

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