Some feet references to keep you on your creative toes

i've got a set of 10 climbing poses up on my patreon now. πŸ§—β€‹

my second pose pack is just people falling over. 10 pose references of people falling over. There's just not enough art of people falling over

freebie "pose of the day" for your uses. Hoping to make these "pose of the day" uploads a thing that people use with their OCs. if any of y'all do please let me see! πŸ‘€β€‹

I've started up a Patreon making art assets for artists. Focuses on pose references and tutorial. With that, I'm also doing free poses posted a few times a week. Any advice is welcome and hopefully, these will be found useful. wish me luck :ablobcatcoffee:​

Played around with some styling. They're tatty but I wanted to try some things. I think the second one has a TV static look going on looking at it now

Making timelapeses of some of the panels from CH6 cause why not

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