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OK I'm on here now best intoduse myself. I make a comic call Demon Suit. I make a lot of designs I put on Redbubble, mostly silly things and lightning. I recently started looking at making stuff for sites like Shutterstock. I'm working on my illustration skills hoping to get work in that area at some point. There are waaay too many shows and animes I need to chatch up on.

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This was part of my illustration portfolio before I changed the style I was doing my illustrations in. I like this one and didn't want to leave it unloved so I put it up on my redbubble. Better than just forgetting about it on my computer

Not sure how I managed to forget to upload this but I made it a while ago for my illustration portfolio

the problem with taking so long to get a chapter of your comic done is that you tend to redesign how things look and constantly changing the art part way through the chapter doesn't look good and makes it take even longer to finish

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For any artists out there who have trouble with their feet. Drawing them that it

Thinking of putting together a dyslexia dictionary where words are organised phonetically with the actual spelling next to it. would come in handy when google fails me.

I think this works quite well for Dwit (right)
I have no idea who originaly posted this meme, that tumblr post has been reposted so many times on so many sites

It only recently occurred to me that vole is an anagram of love. Not sure what to do with this info

I wanted to experiment with colours a bit. I'm thinking of having styles more like this in my comic for certain scenes. I like it so far

Honestly building a giant castle dog in Minecraft on servival mode is probable my biggest achievement right now and I'm not sure how I feel about that

I am officially out of creative juice. My mind is an empty, barren field. so I'm just going to draw memes with my OCs and characters until I can feel again

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