The tables begin to turn. Hope appears. Lets hope that complacency doesn't return now we've had a warning. Lets learn from history and recent events and with certain things move more cautiously.

🎉🎈 Hooray! is 1 year old! 🎈🎉

It's been a wonderful journey so far with over 31 thousand users and over 2.2 million toots! :mastodance:

Thank you all for a wonderful year! Happy tooti'n :mastodon_oops: :stux:

Give a platform to fascists in the name of free speech and a virus such as this will show how foolish this is. Give a platform in the name of free speech for fascists and social media corporations and what they do to political elections and campaign processes will reveal the foolishness of this.

I'm a Madchester man and have friends associated with the Madchester bands, large and small. Some people I know never posted conspiracy theories. Now they are "the evil Zionist blah blah blah... Starmer the paedophile... the virus is a hoax.. don't wear mask...don't vaccine... etc etc" and then later on they post how evil the Tories are!! Its like WTF! Worrying. these are people who are influential in Madchester Hacienda veterans (lol) circles. Really pisses me off and makes me angry when Fashbuck says it is doing this and that and reality shows the opposite, a bigger growth among people who years back would not have posted such things.

I've read it once, and will read again. Its hard to disagree with it, but as the Cambridge Analytica people mention, the arguments are not won on rationality but emotion. How many will technically analyse and see truth as opposed to not read and have mainstream social media steer it all towards dividing the party and ignoring and allowing antisemitism to continue?

I always ask awkward questions which most of the time achieve the silent reply, so i must be thinking right! Happy days!

I wonder if Google, Facebook and Twitter work together to suppress those political forces which run against those political forces which are favorable to their anti-regulatory agenda?

I wonder how it is possible that one can end up in a situation where all emails keep getting blacklisted and often undelivered, or sent to spam and not seen and AT THE SAME TIME all posts get no responses on You-Tube, Twitter and Facebook. Added to this Captcha often appears during Google searches and ones blogs don't even appear in a Google search. How could such a pervasive cloak of invisibility and repression happen across that spectrum? Has anyone come across anyone in that situation? At what level would this type of censorship occur? How would it happen? How is it redressed? Who is talking about it?

Excercise in imagination...and action.

Most people believe that pursing an art career is only worth it if you make money out of it. Now, let's imagine all made without making money disappear and only art making money stay. Visualize. Desolation. Now, imagine the other way round. Visualize. Nobody would even notice. Now, imagine artists being paid for the works they make. Can you see happy artists? Well, you should >:-D

This is the truth. Most of the art we see and love everyday was is made by artists that truly believe in what they do, hard work, sacrifice and passion.
It is time that we start to sort out the artists .

/s is working in contributing to this culture
We are entitled to imagine but we must take action!

@Hamishcampbell Everybody has something unique to contribute to the fediverse, but it's a gift you choose to accept or not. Live and let live for yourself not for the greater common good.

Hi all!

Would appreciate if anyone could help our fellow comrade with obtaining safe accommodation due to the land lord not adhering to the agreed termination date, and evicting her 2 weeks sooner than expected, giving her 48 hours to move out.

🆘🆘> Gofundme link ( <🆘🆘
🆘🆘> Gofundme link ( <🆘🆘
🆘🆘> Gofundme link ( <🆘🆘

Thanks in advance.

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