A little static site generator in #uxn.

I'd love to port my wiki to assembly at some point. I've gathered the know-how, now I only need to gather the courage to actually do it..

A bit of progress on building my website in assembly.

Like almost everything I do, it has no practical application, no competitive advantage, it's slower and harder. It's not an attempt to prove anything, it's just kindda fun. I'm doing this for fun.


Seems like you are having more fun than most people around here, as much as the Hackaday fellows, significantly more fun than the peeps over at lobste.rs, and infinitely more fun than the cranky doomsayers at Hacker News.

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@CosmicTortoise @neauoire But but what's the business model for a little static site generator in uxn? And does it scale?

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