I totally need to learn how to setup a local repository for all the distros I use, and update it with the packages I use.

Also, every programming language, libraries, and documentation.

Not having internet (temporarily. I am stupid) should not make using a computer unproductive or uninteresting.

One of the things I started doing is using wget to download websites I like, especially tutorials and books in html format. It is nice having everything local, especially when the information is static, or their is a fear the website may go down.

I need to look into archival methods.

You want bodily autonomy? What the hell day do you think this is? Your 3rd birthday?

I miss SongBird. That was the best music players and music aggregator ever invented.

You could add a url for a blog or whatever and it would find all the songs.

I was briefly a linguistics major, so I thoroughly do not care about grammar or spelling.

Miracle of miracles. I was able to install the driver for my Samsung printer using the installer scripts, without additional fuckery.

I am realizing now the importance of extracting files from archive, instead of using the files from a different OS instance.

Something to so with permissions, I guess.

I just realized I can hang my backpacks on a clothe-hangers in my closet.

My life is forever changed.

I basically watch all videos on 1.5x speed, and hearing anything on normal sounds like parody.

I listen to podcasts at 2x speed, and it gives my family anxiety when they hear it.

Hooray for tiny pans. I can finally make my fake breakfast sanwiches.

I swear every mastodon person I follow lives with a cat.

It is really making me want a cat companion.

You never clean harder than when you have family visiting from another country.

You clean even harder when one if them is bringing a friend.

If I could say in one word most people's first impression of me in my lifetime: calmate.

I once mentioned to my grandmother that I like Selena, and now she thinks Selena is my favorite singer or something.

At the least, it is someone she knows and also like and can relate with me.

Anyways, I will be happy to stop paying for the VPN service. It is not a lot, cheaper than B-list streaming services, and easy to set up with provided app or wireguard.

Still, it is tied to my email, because I don't have cryptocurrency (yet? never?) so there is one fingerprint I can't avoid.

Thinking about security is like having a thumb pressed up against your head. The pressure caused discomfort that leads to anxiety

You think about your past self and all the mistakes you made, information given, and all the mistakes you keep making.

I also think about virtually every person I know, particularly my family members, exposing themselves nearly every hour for social connection, convenience, and those trojan horses that asks for personal details in exchange for some banal prize.

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