I used to feel bad about being so asocial
now I just don't care most of the time
It's a problem but instead of solving it I just learned how to avoid it

Its in no way healthy but I am too weak and/or lazy to overcome this so here I am

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and here I was being all proud of myself that I didn't have panic attaccs in some time

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oh boi now I am gonna get panic attacc every time we run each other won't I

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meeting new flatmates reminded me I am incapable of meeting new people without getting a panic attacc


is there a rule that in every shared flat has to be this one girl with a piano ?

lmao why my Prey NOoB run has more views than all three dishonored runs combined

seems like I am gonna upload that one good silent hill run I did 2 weeks ago because I apparently won't be able make better run any time soon :geblobcatshrug:

guess who took a wrong train after missing the first one :blobcatblep:

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you ever just stop whatever you are doing look at the stars in the sky
look back at your watch and think about how you gotta wait for another 2 hours because you miss your train again

over hour just siting at computer that won't connect where I need it to until next class

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why even bother going to school when none of the PCs work anyway :blobcatsad:

My friends got a bunny named Pearl. Here's him playing 'Stardew Valley.'

how is this lecturer still talking about the same thing for over a hour

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