one of these days I am gonna reject some actually good feature just because when my browser asks me to allow or reject something I don't read it anymore and autoreject everything because its always the better option

u know how it sucks when you wake up from a good dream like "nooo I was having fun in my fantasy world :< "
u gotta appreciate when you wake up from uninteresting dream like "aight I didn't even know what was going on anyway... lets go get that bread"

probably the most important thing I learned at the course is:

You should never pet Plusle and Minun at the same time (closing circuit) without proper safety petting equipment

thank you for listetning to my PA (petting announcement)

I have been granted the safe-to-touch-electricity certification !

I have my youCanTouchElectricity test tomorrow and I still find it incredible that I need paper that lets me install sockets and wants me to know how to isolate conductors in bathroom when all I need it for is so I can unplug computer and switch RAM

working life is uneventful yet with too many events

the 5th day being a friday.
And because we have shorter shifts on fridays, me giving it 60% is basically 100%

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there are times at work where I just don't feel it and I think pushing it would just make things worse so I take it easy for the day and I think thats absolutely ok

what might not be that ok is that days like these are 4 days a week

"do not disturb" status but its "vibing~" instead

I dont like how is everything handled by emails because I dont really like writing them
then somebody tries to tell me something to do personally and I am like"no! dont! shutup! stop talking! I am already forget. write email."

got 5 emails in the morning that basically read as "hurry fix this, add this feature, check this"
I finished it in about 2 hours and now I am waiting for about an hour 'til anybody responds to my emails

I don't even think I ever favorited danganronpa but here we go

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twitter algorithm is so fun
"ah you liked some fan art from OMORI?"
yea pretty neat
"so you want this Danganronpa v3 fan art right???"
nah thats ok

oh no, I have been too social today

time to switch to hikikomori mode :blobcatcomfy:

scrabble? more like screw-bble that I cant speak dictionary!

gotta love word puzzles
most of the time I am just staring at it and thinking about that one word in my mind I know

one teacher asked me why I am so late at work
told him that I am supposed to work this late
but don't mind it because the place is basically empty so I just watch youtube the last 1-2 hours

"why are you watching songs?"

... .
... ..
... ...

I think my brain just shut down from that sentence

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