Night like these where you have to choose between dying of heat or getting eaten alive by mosquitoes almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

today I was informed that our neighbour doesn't like it when we dry our clothes on our balcony because it looks like we are broke

finally a whole week I dont have to go to work and I already got 2 calls of "where the hell are you"

listen here you little fish
don't fuck with pikachu you are double weak to electric type

me on a motorbike:
shit, forgot a seatbelt

fuck'em part time jobs, I keep running into ppl I hoped I wont see ever again >_<

Did you ever noticed how bikers wave at each other when passing by?

in vidya community we have something similar
we just call each other fags in the game lobby

Is it really waste of time if it's fun?

I say as I try to make myself believe I am actually having fun while I am bored to death

thought of hella stupid joke about 2 days back and I've been too busy laughing to it and working on it ever since

ah rite forgot to tell you frens

a few days back I was told in COD match that we are all going to heaven

they had lot of good points and reasoning but in short:
"the only way you'd get to hell is by rejecting Jesus Christ but why would anyone do that?"

I hope you'll use this knowlage for good

forgot to set up an alarm for today
thank god my dreams are such a creepy crappy nightmares that it woke me on time anyways


you can buy even that fancy hospitol bed-with-wheels thingie
we truly be livin in them wild times

Omg the silent hill bun is for sale :bunlove:
and I find out about it the day of my b-day what a coincidence :blobeyes:

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