had a dream there was a day called "cat meet-and-greet"

lil cousin: *playing BOTW* these skeletons aren't like the ones I know, these just detach their arms and use them like a weapon


with the amount of anime I have watched it always felt weird that I never had a waifu

then Naoto happened ❤️

I wanted to be chillin' so I made myself some cocoa and I got flashbacked into when I was like 8 and thought u make hot cocoa like a tea and mixed the cocoa powder WITH HOT WATER

i can still taste it
i not gonna be chillin' tonite :<

studying a subject you are interested in is fun and interesting right till the moment school starts testing you about it

now I am gonna hate programming at least till the end of the semester

*customer comes in without facemask*
me:"sir, we need you to wear a facemask"
c:"oh sorry, dont have it, but I'll be quick"
coworker:"eeeh alright"
customer: you know, I am bored because I have to be all day alone at home coz imma in quarantine


I thought using hashtags in the middle of a sentence ( I like # cats and # dogs) was something only corporations do.
and normal people use them on the end because its easier to read
its neatly categorized
it doesn't look like you are using the weird character just to appeal to them hip youngsters

but then my uni classmates actually used it in a meeting and I almost cringed out of it

the virgin feel bad anxiety vs the chad physical pain anxiety

I'd love to change the energy card for some other poké card but I have no idea where are my pokécards :blobcatsad:

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few days ago on my way to school I noticed a pokémon energy card on the table near elevator, on the way back I noticed it was moved to the opposite side of the table and because of the autist I am I moved it back

next day it was moved back on the other side and again I moved it

this goes on for about 3rd day and I desperately want to meet my fellow pokécard mover

is it just my uni or are everybody's schools testing programming in written tests?

I am trynna take school seriously for a minute and a guy w cheems on his facemask walks in

huh outside today looks like in Silent Hill
"you mean its foggy?"
nah I just saw some cultists trying to birth an evil god

guess what, after 3 long years living in my apartment I finally figured out how to use the intercom

the trick is that most of the buttons doesn't do anything actually

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