apparently I am the only member of this family who is terrible with time scheduling but doesn't bitch when others does it

"I dont wanna complain but with this kinda drinking game we are gonna get alcohol poisoned in half a hour"
"what? we are not drinking poisoned alcohol"
"Is it even worth drinking it if you don't get blind at least a little?"

celebrating the padoru holiday with dad and since we didnt have a tree we used house plant and fishe instead

this year I wasnt padoru posting enough and for that I am sorry foreva


love it when I think of some absolutely idiotic joke just to find out somebody did it before

and it was me

on of the many perks of heaving memory of a goldfish

setup wifi + cam in kebab shop and got paid with kebab (again)
am I doing IT right?

this is the third time this month I put food into microwave, didn't start it and for about 2 hours forgot about the very intend of me eating food

Ah new amnesia is out...
I remember I finished original back when I was about 12, I should play it again
*20mins in game*
alrite, that would be enough of the game, now imma gonna switch on every goddamn light in this house and hide in bed with my plushies

first time having a gin w tonic
would never thought gin could fix that awful taste of tonic

now that I know cisco packet tracer has custom background option I am gonna look forward to learn internets

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