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super mario odyssey is so pretty in portable mode

just installed a new battery in my macbook pro, time to use it for another 7 years to post cringe online

oh and of course apple uses proprietary screws

just paid my first month’s rent for an apartment that i only get to live in for half the month

nice, no problem here at all

cinnamon toast crunch fucks pretty hard

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Anyone use Graphene os or Calyx os? Getting ready to ditch this iphone soon and grab a pixel phone

I’m about to delete my twitter account, clap it up 👏

Just broke my AKG headphones because the wire got caught between my toes, I can’t make this shit up if I tried


Screw a google search, is where it’s at

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I just found out I’m heavily affected by this bixby situation 😔

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Update: PC boots into void after turning it on with no extra fuckery, I can die happy now

man getting his ass kicked by his computer 

Grub is gonna be the bane of my existence. From day one of my void install my pc refuses to automatically recognize it, I’ve been using insmod normal to boot into void everytime from grub rescue mode. Finally got os-prober to list void, and from there I booted into void using grub prompts

Yet my pc still won’t automatically boot into void, I think I gotta make a grub config file now 🤷🏻 who knows lmao

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it is with a heavy cock and lead heart that i must announce....


grown man bitching online 

college sucks, i’ve been taking classes online longer than i have in person

I think I’m finally about to make the jump from Fedora to Artix, my brother’s been harassing me for too long for using Fedora lmao

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Fried eggs are inherently evil and while they cant hurt you they do cause minor soul irritation.

If you'd like to avoid soul irritation just follow this guide from and expert in evil foodology.

today’s one of those days where I’ve got this random desire to make my room spotless

can’t wait for this to happen again 8 months from now

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