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Now that I'm listed on, I feel like I should take another crack at an ! :amarioluigidance:

I'm () and learning to appreciate it.

I am an amateur , , , and artist--not professionally.

I am also an and --professionally, sometimes.

You could also call me a dad and a aficionado. I'm obsessed with all things , I'm an avid , a collector, and
I love to advocate for digital , , and awareness--come by my soapbox some time!

My "interest du jour" cycles fairly often, so please don't expect much consistency in my posting.

tl;dr I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I like everybody. Let's talk about literally anything.

Happy to be here. ❤️​

RetroStrangeTV is a livestreaming OwnCast account that shows weird old public domain films and television. You can follow at:

➡️ @rstv

You can watch the stream at and there's a website at

#RetroStrangeTV #Retro #TV #Television #Film #Films #Movie #Movies #PublicDomain #PD #LiveStreaming #Videos #Fun #SciFi #Horror #Ephemera #OwnCast



It makes me so sad to see reddit become just another mass social media site. :/

I know reddit is not seen favorably here on Mastodon (or in most places, for that matter), but I still have fond memories of it, and I don't regret my engagement in it when I was younger.

But I do think that the writer of this article is right when they say we all need to move past it.

I'll send someone a pack of Afri Cola if they manage to upload the whole Bee Movie in 8K to the fediverse, but without PeerTube.

"If sexual activity between same-gender people became illegal, the police would be the ones enforcing those laws.

That's why police are not welcome at Pride. Pride is for unconditional supporters, not for those who would become enemies as soon as they're ordered to."

You know that thing where people make fun of a terrible opinion by writing it in a mixture of upper and lower case? It's probably not a good idea.

Screenreader software used by blind or partially-sighted people interprets capital letters as the beginning of a word.

This means that a phrase written as "FiNe PEopLe oN BoTh siDeS" will sound like gibberish.

If accessibility matters to you, try to avoid doing this.

#FediTips #Accessibility #A11y

Join us Thursday as we have @yarmo as our next guest on the w0rmh0le Interview Series.

Also, you can find the VOD from last week's interview with developer @nikluz at

We're still working on my camera quality issues (it seems to be related to bandwidth) but, regardless, we're having great conversations and we hope you are enjoying them, too!

#wis #wis2022

Just watched a dude (presumably drunk) tearing down the street in a pickup truck. He started fish-tailing a bit, veered off, and smashed into a rock wall. Panicked, he backed out, swerved 10 or 15 feet more and hit the same wall again further up. Then panicked again, peeled out again, and took off into the night to go make more excellent choices.

🎆 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🗽 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🎆
Happy birthday, America! /s

USPOL, many -isms 

As an American, tomorrow will not be a celebration for me, but a day of solemn reflection.

I'll think of our crumbling oligarchy, the lengths we go to keep people divided and disenfranchised, all of our achievements only made possible by breaking the backs of the innocent, the ritualized killings of school children and minorities, and our rights that are so easily stripped away at the hands of fascists and corruption.

I am gonna grill some hot dogs, tho. Sad hot dogs. 🇺🇸

TIL that Industrial Light & Magic (VFX team for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Dune, etc.) uses Linux on their workstations and renderfarm servers.

That's right. Lightsabers and dinosaur cloning are powered by Linux, and they have been since 2002 (previously Unix).

The boys use the bong
to celebrate Matt losing
his virginity

MapComplete is a web-based OpenStreetMap graphical inteface which lets you view themed maps and edit them with an OSM ID. You can follow at:

➡️ @MapComplete

The project's website is at

MapComplete runs on free open source software, the source is at

#MapComplete #OpenStreetMap #OSM #Map #Maps #Mapping #StreetMap #StreetMaps #Travel #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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