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WITHOUT GOOGLING, what is Millie Bobby Brown's full name? (Don't cheat)

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Now that I'm listed on, I feel like I should take another crack at an ! :amarioluigidance:

I'm () and learning to appreciate it.

I am an amateur , , , and artist--not professionally.

I am also an and --professionally, sometimes.

You could also call me a dad and a aficionado. I'm obsessed with all things , I'm an avid , a collector, and
I love to advocate for digital , , and awareness--come by my soapbox some time!

My "interest du jour" cycles fairly often, so please don't expect much consistency in my posting.

tl;dr I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I like everybody. Let's talk about literally anything.

Happy to be here. ❤️​

i am downloading cracked minecraft on a testing pc because logging into microsoft is way too much of a pain

🚀 #Nasa has greatly expanded its #software package, which is #free for users to download and use. Over 800 programs are now available for free.

#science #space #opensource #openscience

Being in town for
the first time, everything seems
new and strange for them

I just indocrinat--er, convinced my homie @andyglover to join the ! Since it's , I figured it deserved a shout-out. :amarioluigidance:

He's a gamer, singer/songwriter, YouTube content creator, Twitch streamer, techie, and all around good dude. Go show him some love.

If anyone uses the extension for or , I just added a new redirect to my custom ones that allows for more easily following people on other instances. Basically you just click the "Follow" button on their profile and it will automatically redirect you back to your own instance to authorize the . It works really well and it's pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

Check it out here:

We are going to set up a Forge server, which of these modpacks would you prefer to be implemented?

Don't hesitate to suggest others modpacks or single mods in the comments.

It's Friday, which is a great day to close all of your browser tabs and enjoy your weekend!

In it can be really hard to find the right controller for you. Well, ladies and genders, your search is over:

Even if you have other primary pronouns, do you personally mind being called "they/them"?

(e.g, if I called you they would it offend you)

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