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Philippine elections 

Either nearly 32 million people are willfully dismissive of our history due to years of fake news or they really cooked this up A LONG TIME AGO

Seen on the banks of the Rhine on my walk into Düsseldorf this evening

“Open source is a development methodology; free software is a social movement.”
~Richard Stallman

Philippine Elections anxiety 

Covid put on hold in the country to make way for what is essentially Mother's day to the rest of the world but the day we stop the children of Philippines' biggest deadbeat fathers from taking hold of national power and inevitably getting away with everything

Me on my shipper bs 

I think I get why TAKE ain't going the Ami/Sakaki route. And it makes more sense. Uzakurais can eat their heart out ngl

What reason did Guilty Gear Strive have to go that hard? Nothing. But it do

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