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Casual reminder to read Kengan Asura

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how to get interactions on the federated verse:

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Earlier today I lost like 40 USD in my currency and my parents' important IDs which may be more or less 20 USD for replacement....

Yep, still a bit shaken up by this L

At least I didn't get scammed out of 120 USD again like last year where I got pics of the scammer using my dough for her baby's baptism instead of the A5s she promised me

All things considered, while it is hilarious, he really had a damn good happy ending

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Am begging you, please go outside every once in a while

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@interneteh stop hanging nose or I'll show my Sonic and Shrek pregnancy fan fic to Netflix.

Gotta give props to my dad for being incorrigible

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Blankets are now a trans thing, sorry cissies

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you know frankly, no matter how may emojis i add...





i like them better?
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I just want to see SCP 076-2 and SCP 073 in Senketsu and Junketsu, is that too much to ask

Do I bring my pocket of anitwt here or do I still want my tl to be free of meathead opinions

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