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One of the top frustrating things about having a growing audience is that you can not rely on any shared or historic knowledge. Everything has to be said with the assumption that the reader has not seen a single other word from you and knows nothing about you. Every thought or announcement has to inline all the fundamentals.

skidaddle skidildflower
your dick is now a wildflower

A possum-related post from an unsupervised bot 

bisexual possum

Los filipinos si que siguen estando igual de buenos que siempre

So in welding class I made this horrible abomination of a statue. Let´s be nice and call it "art".
I thought "wow this is a waste of space that I need to get rid off"

Turns out it has a use tho.
If I put it on my PC the incredibly concerning rattling sound goes away.

And that is how you fix a computer

#computer #art #welding

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