Release of DWS2018

04 Dec 2017

I’m pleased to announce a new version of DWS: DWS 2018. It’s a tool to disable all Windows spyware and making the OS more clean. I’ve added the following new features:

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Enable Play Store on Chromebooks, where it hasn't been rolled out yet

31 Oct 2017

Chromebooks are fun and easy to use. Most of them are starting at 200€ and that’s very good, that they are so cheap. The big problem is, that they don’t run normal software most people are used to. That changed with the new Android Runtime for Chrome OS and now the Play Store. Another thing is, that the Play Store hasn’t been rolled out yet on every Chromebook and most people still need to wait a little longer. But you can pre-test the new Play Store. Be aware that the following steps void your warranty, so don’t do it on a production system.

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29 Oct 2017

Due to lack of donations for Neu Blitzkrieg and paying two servers instead of migrating the service to one, I decided to discontinue Neu Blitzkrieg and the Matrix service on it. Matrix is hard to move from one server to another and I don’t see the future in hosting my own Matrix server. If you want to continue using Matrix, you can check out many other servers as well. Thanks for all your support in using services. The server will be finally deleted on November 17th 2017. After this time, you can’t login to the service anymore and all your data will be deleted. Make sure you create an account on another server. The Riot instance will be still available and will point to another server running Matrix. Note that your account may still be federated to other servers you have interacted with.

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