koyu.space Social

07 Oct 2017

koyu.space Social now opened their gates for everyone to join. Just sign-up and you’re ready to go. It’s just another Friendica instance, which is compatible with Diaspora and the Fediverse. Have fun :)

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Statement on Pleroma

04 Oct 2017

Pleroma is a new social network server, which is backwards compatible to Mastodon, GNU Social and more. The server software was written to be fit on small devices like a Raspberry Pi, which seems attractive for me, because I have one and it would be great to have a Mastodon-compatible server, since setting up a Mastodon server is a headache for me. I follow some people on Mastodon developing activly on the server software and I like their progress so far. I don’t know why other people are hating it. You can hate Mastodon for example, because pawoo.net contains child-pornograhy, so you could hate Pleroma too for just posting the same. I don’t see the sense in hating something new, just because it’s better. Maybe I’ll try Pleroma too, just for seeing how it works. Maybe I’ll setup my own server on a Raspberry Pi I have laying around here.

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Closed source applications and their alternatives

10 Sep 2017

Though many people think, that these applications are a replacement for their existing ones, it’s not recommended to see this as an replacement, more like an alternative. These applications may not be fully-featured as you expect, because many people want many features though their implementation is hard to understand, because ordinary users are used to their applications they learned. So, here are my top 10 applications and their alternatives.

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